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Board Members & Staff

BoardPic2014 #2

Seated L-R:  J. Andrew Collins, Secretary; Kurt Moser, Treasurer; Lisa Hayes, Chairwoman; and Steve Bush, Vice Chairman

Standing L-R:  Directors Howard Nelson, Dawn Loeffler, Brian Durant, Della Shiell, Dr. Edward Kerr, Dr. Harriett Busch and Linda Noon

Absent:  Directors Donna Kirker, Julie Leonelli, Paula Nadeau-Berube and Consumer Advisor Jay Ross


Board Members:


Lisa Hayes

Vice Chairman

Steve Bush


J. Andrew Collins


Kurt Moser


Dr. Harriet Busch

Brian Durant

Dr. Edward Kerr

Donna Kirker

Julie Leonelli

Dawn Loeffler

Paula Nadeau Berube

Howard Nelson

Linda Noon

Della Shiell

Consumer Advisor

Jay Ross


Executive Officers

Mark Donahue, President & CEO

Debra Rowell, Vice President & COO

Cynthia Borozny, CFO

Senior Administrative Team

Mark Armstrong, Division Director, Day Services

Sally Hawley, Division Director, Employment Services

Dan Juidiciani, Division Director, Residential Services

Amy Macy, Director of Human Resources

Brandon Nichols, Division Director of Clinical Services

Karl Smoczynski, Corporate Compliance Officer

April Boucher, Director, Quality Assurance