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#bFair2DirectCare Coalition Launches #300DaystoBetterPay Campaign

bfair2directcareFor over 50 years, CWI has been an important part of the lives of the individuals with disabilities it serves. By providing a large variety of innovative services, CWI has helped transform the lives of many by providing the necessary supports for an individual to reach their full potential and be an active participant in their community.

By offering the basic services of transportation, housing, and clinical services, CWI helps build a foundation for an individual to grow. This growth may include volunteer and recreational opportunities, independent living skills, self-advocacy, and employment. These building blocks contribute to an individual’s personal and social value. After 50 years, CWI now provides services to approximately 1,200 individuals each month.

Helping support an individual’s potential and growth are the direct care workers employed by CWI. Our individuals are supported by teams of caring and trained direct care workers every day, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. These workers are invaluable and necessary in providing the quality services that CWI provides.

The #bFair2DirectCare campaign in New York is a call-to-action for our state leaders to recognize the importance of direct care workers and agencies by providing the funding necessary to support the vital roles we all hold. It has been 8 years since developmental disability organizations have been given a raise substantial enough to address the new laws, wage mandates, and labor rules we all face.

The #bFair2DirectCare coalition has launched the #300DaystoBetterPay campaign to call on Albany to address this issue before the next state budget is adopted on April 1, 2017. Now’s the time to ask New York’s leaders to step up and join us as the building blocks in the futures of the individuals we serve.

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