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Agency Supports

Executive Administration

Office of the President/CEO

(518) 793-4700 ext. 12112

The President/CEO oversees all functions of the agency from program and public profile to fiscal and facilities. The President/CEO works with the CWI Board of Directors and senior administration to provide a cohesive corporate culture and service mission in policy and practice. The President/CEO also represents the agency with legislators, lawmakers, and sister agencies and ensures the agency’s strategic advancement within the region and the industry. The President/CEO is alert and responsive to the agency’s needs for stability and growth in all areas.

Office of the Vice President/COO

(518) 793-4700 ext. 12111

The Vice President/COO maintains a broad knowledge of operations and is involved in sustaining high-quality standards in services, programs and care delivery. The office oversees the priorities and budgets of numerous departments and new program and service development and building projects and is a liaison to county, state and federal offices that approve implementation of CWI initiatives. The Vice President/COO is responsible for visioning and implementing the agency’s strategy and perspectives and ensuring consistency in operations and service. The Vice President/COO ensures the CWI Board of Directors, President/CEO and senior administration are aware of ongoing agency developments.

Business Administration

Chief Financial Officer

(518) 793-4700 ext. 11116

This office is responsible for the overall fiscal and operational health of the organization and serves as a liaison with funding sources and state and local officials. The Chief Financial Officer is strategically involved in all program and infrastructure planning and development. Business Administration includes accounting, purchasing/procurement, transportation, facilities management and Management Information Systems.

Accounting Department

(518) 793-4700 ext. 11103

This department is charged with overseeing payroll, accounts receivable, accounts payable, bank-related activities, budgeting, financial statement preparation and cost reports.

Purchasing / Procurement

(518) 793-4700 ext. 11199

This office is charged with overseeing all purchasing-related activities within the agency, coordinates competitive bidding and oversees the capital spending process.

Transportation Services

(518) 793-4700 ext. 15115

With one of the largest fleet of vehicles in the North Country, CWI’s Transit Connection provides scheduled and charter transportation services that are staff supervised in accessible vehicles (buses, vans and automobiles) for disabled individuals traveling throughout Warren, Washington, Saratoga and Southern Essex counties. Transit staff is committed to the safety and comfort of all passengers. Other services provided include:

  • Department of Transportation (DOT) certification specialist
  • Fleet maintenance and management of other not-for-profit organizations
  • Vehicle management

Facilities Management

(518) 793-4700 ext. 13128

This department is charged with overseeing our multiple properties and ensuring that buildings and grounds are safe, attractive and accessible. The responsibilities of this department are varied and include snowplowing, building modification, repairs, maintenance, lawn care and cleaning services, among others.


Quality Assurance

(518) 793-4700 ext. 12123

Quality Assurance promotes and ensures the delivery of outstanding care and treatment for individuals served. Quality Assurance audits ensure services are driven by and meet each individual’s needs, expectations, preferences and personal goals, assists each person to live, work, socialize and participate in their own community; supports the facilitation of self-determination; and promotes personal dignity. Quality Assurance makes every effort to meet internal standards for excellent working conditions and to guarantee compliance with the rules and regulations of federal, state and local governing agencies. Quality Assurance monitors internal incidents and investigations.

Corporate Compliance

(518) 793-4700 ext. 12121

24/7 Confidential Hotline (518) 793-4700 ext. 12168

CWI has established a Corporate Compliance Plan tailored to the agency’s business needs and is dedicated to managing and operating its programs in keeping with the highest business and ethical standards. CWI believes in promoting a workplace environment in which compliance and ethical conduct is expected of all employees, board members and contractors.

Human Resources

(518) 793-4700 ext. 11140

Human Resources provides leadership, guidance and support to CWI staff. The department is committed to championing employees and to nurturing cooperative ties within and among departments to promote agency goals and objectives. Additionally, Human Resources staff is available to assist employees interested in career development or a job change within the agency. Also, the department supports staff needs on expectations and work relationships and organizational policies and procedures.

Staff Development and Training

(518) 793-4700 ext. 12119

To ensure the safety, comfort and professional and personal growth of consumers and staff, the agency organizes mandated training programs such as cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and optional enrichment classes. The department, in cooperation with Human Resources, Quality Assurance (QA) and Corporate Compliance, develops and teaches curricula to reflect the industry’s best practices and internal policies. Additionally, Staff Development oversees new employee orientation and provides ongoing coaching for staff.