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Job description

TITLE: Job Coach

TYPE OF EMPLOYMENT: Benefited 24+ hours

Schedule: Typical Hours will fall between Wednesday-Friday 7:00am-3:00p. Flexibility Required

Salary: $17.94/hr-19.86

Job Coach Position Concept:

To provide job coaching and training services to individuals served by Competitive Edge, as assigned. Offer feedback on job placement, identify and support the acquisition of necessary skills, and assist individuals in maximizing their potential in an employment setting.

The Job Coach Responsibilities:

  • Actively cooperate with the President/CEO and other staff members in a collaborative effort to achieve the goals of CWI and Competitive Edge.
  • Assess the professional strengths and weaknesses of individuals supported, inspiring and motivating them in the job setting.
  • Be responsible for on-the-job training/job coaching of all individuals receiving Competitive Edge’s services, including:
  • Teaching soft skills and specific job-related skills.
  • Inspire and Motivate individuals.
  • Addressing time management, interpersonal skills, workplace culture, and employer expectations.
  • Analyzing possible job accommodations and providing advocacy.
  • Transporting individuals to job sites as prescribed.
  • Ensure quality work and customer satisfaction at all contracted work sites.
  • Complete required reporting for funding sources and handle all documentation related to services received, including electronic health record documentation, electronic timekeeping documentation, and other prescribed documentation.
  • Assist in the development and implementation of vocational goals in cooperation with the Employment Counselor, which will be part of the staff action plan.
  • Review and implement staff action plans for individuals supported.

The Job Coach Qualifications:

l A two-year degree in Human Services or related field with one years’ experience supporting people with disabilities to be successful in the workplace. On-the-job training, and/or two years’ experience providing vocational rehabilitation support.

l Must have strong interpersonal skills, the ability communicate with service recipients and the business community and solid computer literacy skills.

l Must have an valid NYS driver’s license based on agency insurance requirements.


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