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TITLE: Bus Monitor

TYPE OF EMPLOYMENT: Benefited Part-Time

Schedule: Minimum 20 hours per week (typically 30-35hr a week) split shift: 5:30AM-9:30AM; 1:00pmPM-5:00PM Monday-Friday.

 Rate of Pay: $15.11-$16.92


The Bus Monitor is responsible for the safe, uneventful passage of program participants to and from their pick-up point each day.


The Bus Monitor will:

  1. Actively cooperate with the President/CEO and other staff members in a joint endeavor in satisfactorily achieving the goals of CWI.
  2. Carry out the policies and procedures as specified in the Transportation Procedure Book.
  3. Work with the Bus Driver in providing the necessary supervision of passengers to ensure their safe transport.
  4. Be responsible for communicating and working with the Bus Driver and professional staff to promote therapeutic carry-over from the program participant’s day program.
  5. Assist program participants displaying deficits in the areas of health care, mobility, communication and independent living skills.  May require the use of sign language, first aid, and physical intervention using approved SCIP methods.
  6. Assist program participants in getting on and off vehicles, which may include, but is not limited to lifting, repositioning, and operation of wheelchair lift and assisting in ambulating.
  7. Assist the Bus Driver in maintaining the cleanliness of vehicles.
  8. Assist the Day Treatment Programs as assigned.
  9. Take part in any in-service training as offered by the agency and attend meetings as requested.
  10. Act in any other capacity as directed by the President/CEO.

POSITION QUALIFICATIONS: High School Diploma or equivalent. Must be of good character or background and display an affinity for working with the developmentally disabled.   Shall also demonstrate competency in First Aid and Safety Procedures.  Must be capable of handling all the position responsibilities outlined in the job description.

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