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Family Support Services

Offering customized solutions, these services can help families access funding for services, supplies or equipment for a loved one with a disability and individual challenges. Respite is a service offering participation in community activities and recreational programs for small groups. Skill building groups and psychological services to address behavioral difficulties in the family home are also available.

Family Empowerment

Provides families with financial assistance for requested goods and services for a family member living in the home that has a developmental disability. Funding is available for appropriate purchases such as respite care, adaptive equipment and non-funded medical expenses, among other needs. Please contact the program director for eligibility requirements.

Saturday Club (ages 21+)

An hourly respite waiver program held on Saturdays that provides recreational services to eligible individuals who reside at home with their family. The program activities are a combination of site and community based offerings. CWI’s Transit Connection provides transportation to and from the program within a designated radius.

Community Rec (ages 14 to 25)

An hourly respite waiver program providing recreational services to individuals who reside at home with their family. Activities are community-based and primarily scheduled on the weekends but occasionally weeknight activities are slated. Transportation is a component of this program.

In-Home Behavioral Supports

Provides assistance in the home to address behaviorial challenges for individuals living with their family.