Thank you to all who helped support the 2021 Kiwanis $1,000,000 Duck Race Event held at the Adirondack Thunder game on Sunday, November 14th. For those who purchased and/or sold duck raffle tickets (and hockey tickets), CWI is truly grateful. Every ticket sold by CWI, benefits the agency. We are pleased to announce we raised $3,020, which is our second best year of the three we have been participating.  Considering this was “a race like no other, for a year like no other”- that’s impressive! Thank you especially to the CWI Transit crew who sold approximately 150 tickets and to Kyle Welcome’s parents, Dave and Charlene Welcome, who sold 175 tickets.  Thanks as well to the CWI Everts-based individuals and their staff who sold tickets in front of the agency’s Just-A-Buck Store and Josh Dickinson from CWI’s Adirondack Fulfillment who sold 45 tickets.

Also, we had several CWI winners of runner-up prizes, including Casey Scully, Anne McCloskey, Callie Spagnolo, Sheri Hanselman, and Ashley Davis.  And, three of our CWI IRA’s were able to bring their residents to the hockey game. Congratulations and thank you again to all!