Residential Services

CWI supports people who need specialized services in compatible family-like groups balancing independence and safety for those ready to leave their family home, improve personal skills, interact cooperatively with peers and create friendships. Direct Support Professionals focus on an individual’s preferences as well as his or her broader needs, and encourage bonds among housemates. Activities vary based on ages, personalities, physical and social abilities, interests and aspirations of the residents. More than 48 individuals are served at the following 11 CWI Individualized Residential Alternatives (IRA):

Bay Road, Queensbury

Residents in this four-bedroom home for four adults focus on community integration and personal growth.

Cherry Street, Glens Falls

Three adults live in this home located in a vibrant neighborhood within the city. Direct Support Professionals support residents with their pursuit of personal growth and independence.

Cronin Road, Queensbury

This apartment setting for three adults maintains around-the-clock staffing to support residents in their chosen independent and group activities.

Emerald Ridge, Fort Edward

Five adults living in this totally accessible home benefit from supports that enable them to experience the rewards of meaningful life experiences.

Faxon Street, Glens Falls

In this comfortable, supervised home for four adults, staff supports residents to improve their daily living skills, preparing them for community integration and personal accomplishment.

Flat Rock Road, Lake George

This three-story home for six adults is in a popular, vibrant community, offering stimulating activities within the natural beauty of the Adirondacks. Direct Support Professionals encourage residents’ personal growth and independence.

Fuller Road, Queensbury

Six adults with physical and medical challenges live in a large ranch house modified to be a barrier-free residence. Staff supports residents in meeting their personal and medical needs and encourages interactions and individual achievement.

Men of Moreau, Moreau

Four gentlemen live in this comfortable home in a warm and friendly neighborhood. Direct Support Professionals are focused on the very active schedules as the residents have a wide variety of interests.

Pearl Street, Hudson Falls

This continuously supervised three-bedroom totally accessible home serves five adults with multiple physical needs. They are moving to a fully accessible home where they will have the privacy of their own bedrooms and enhanced fire safety features to better serve them through the span of their lifetime. The residents are encouraged to express themselves among peers and learn basic living skills.

Regency Park, Queensbury

Three adults live in a townhome where each is encouraged to function independently, engage in the community, foster friendships, and define and strive for accomplishment. Supports are available based on their individual needs.

Ryan Ave., Queensbury

Five adults live in this ranch style barrier-free log home. Around-the-clock staffing assists residents to fulfill their goals and develop skills to enhance their quality of life.