College Support

Life Unlimited is a program that supports individuals with autism spectrum disorders to reach their goals of a college education. Life Unlimited participants are matriculated students who are engaged in social settings, define personal goals and pursue academic interests. Students accepted into this day program have the intellectual ability to earn a college degree, but they do not always have the ‘soft skills’ to navigate college life.

The Life Unlimited staff work directly with each student on a daily basis targeting skill areas of time management, organization, and self-advocacy. Staff support students by encouraging them to utilize scheduling resources, supporting them with organizing their course materials, and encouraging them to access resources on campus.

Students often interact with a variety of peers on campus; they join clubs and attend social events. The program will help the student work through social problems by reviewing when situations have not gone as hoped and planning for encounters that may come up. Students have the support to express disappointments and triumphs with peers as they navigate through this experience in their life. When classes are not in session the program offers volunteer opportunities, actively seeks out job tours at employment locations of students’ interests and supports the students in pursuing recreational activities.

Admission to the program requires that a student meets the requirements for OPWDD eligibility, be in the Medicaid waiver program and that they have graduated from High School with a local or regents diploma. Students who possess a GED are also eligible. Transportation is arranged.