Day Services

Day programming nurtures independence, meaningful bonds, shared activity and self-esteem, and integrates individuals with barriers into the community. CWI operates the following 13 programs where well-matched people are assisted in basic-skills education, recreation and arts-based activities as well as aspects of employment proficiencies and life-enhancing skills:

Clinical Services

Available for all programs. Call for information.

Everts Hub: Midtown/Pathways /Expressions: Queensbury

The individuals that participate in this program volunteer through various community outlets with an emphasis on structure, routine and beginning job skills. The members are eager and have an affinity for this work and the challenges it brings.  Midtown/Pathways is designed to offer young adults opportunities to develop employment readiness skills. This is an active group exploring employment and volunteer options, clinical services, recreational and social pursuits while striving for meaningful achievements.  The individuals receive training in travel, tours of area companies, employer presentations as well as internships. The young adults also focus on self-sufficiency skills including budgeting, health and nutrition and safety awareness.  Integrated clinical services are an essential part of these services.

Everts Avenue: Queensbury

The Everts program offers opportunities for individualized learning, socialization, community volunteering, promotes independence and recognizes achievement. Everts is particularly successful with individuals with a history of maladaptive behavioral challenges who benefit from a busy schedule. For those individuals who have jobs, this program provides essential opportunities to maintain social connections and skills.

Glenwood: Hudson Falls

This program draws individuals who choose to experience life at a casual pace. Participants take pleasure in volunteering, walking, visiting cultural sites, shopping, socializing, dining out and participating in broadening activities among peers.

Life Unlimited: Queensbury

This unique day program “without walls” at SUNY Adirondack assists young adults with disabilities to attend college among peers. Life Unlimited participants are matriculated students who are engaged in social settings, define and pursue personal goals and academic interests and consider their work and volunteer options. Student-participants are supported by CWI throughout their experience at SUNY Adirondack. This select and growing group can access resources on and off campus and share experiences, disappointments and triumphs with peers as they plan their next stage of life. Transportation is arranged.

Park Club: Hudson Falls

Relaxed outings, dancing, music, picnics, gardening and cultural events fill participants’ days. This program is ideal for people easing into retirement. Individuals’ input into plans is solicited, underlining the importance of their self-determination in daily life.

Quaker Road: Queensbury

Innovative and responsive to a diverse population, this site offers individual and group activities including volunteering, ceramics, baking and encourages visits to nearby downtown areas. Integrated clinical services are an essential part of these services.

Transportation Services

CWI’s Transit Connection is a distinct transit business that provides fixed-route and demand-response transportation services and special charter trips to transit-disabled individuals traveling to destinations throughout Warren, Washington and northern Saratoga counties. Transit Connection also operates a large garage, specializing in DOT-approved inspections and repairs. Our maintenance staff provide in-house repairs to all CWI-owned vehicles, as well as fleet management and repair services to over 50 vehicles from other not-for-profit entities.