Family Support Services

Offering customized solutions, these services can help families access funding for services, supplies or equipment and respite for a loved one with a developmental disability. In-Home Behavioral Supports are available with trained clinicians to address behavioral difficulties and support the family in the home.

Family Empowerment

Provides families with financial assistance for requested goods and services for a family member living in the home that has a developmental disability. Funding is available for appropriate purchases such as transportation related expenses, specialized training, camp or club fees, adaptive equipment and non-funded medical expenses, to name a few. CWI’s Family Empowerment Committee, comprised of family members and CWI staff, makes the final determination on awards.

2023 Family Empowerment Application

In-Home Behavioral Supports

Provides professional assistance to families who have a loved one with a developmental disability, living at home with them, with managing behaviors in the home and community. Trained clinicians work with the family and individual to develop a plan and then learn to implement it successfully. The overall goal of this service is to increase home life satisfaction, interactions, self-esteem, community acceptance and skills that can be generalized to other setting.