Dear Friends and Supporters:

As with many organizations nationwide, CWI suffered significant unexpected costs during the past year due to COVID, and a corresponding loss of fundraising income due to the cancelation of events.

Thirteen of our Day Services sites and at least one of our Residential sites conduct gardening activities with many of our individuals to help get them outdoors and participating in a hobby they enjoy. Gardening also helps with specific skills such as planning tasks, maintaining follow-up, the sequence of planting, growing, harvesting, and most of all, the pleasure of watching something they have nurtured grow.  The vegetables grown at the sites are used for cooking activities during the summer and fall.

Two of our programs are also in need of a larger TV screen (55”) to enable all of the individuals in the room to see the screen. Others, including one of our residential sites, are in need of arts and craft supplies, small recreational items, and dining canopies to provide shade outside.

Click the “CWI Spring Wish List” link below to see our current wish list. If you can help by supplying any of the items listed, please call Noel Granger, Division Director of Day Services at 518 793-4700, ext. 12114 or email at and we can pick up from you or arrange for you to drop them off. (We can also let you know in case the item has already been purchased.) Thank you in advance for your support during this critical year! Those we serve are so excited to be resuming their usual activities.

CWI Spring Wish List